Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Casualty of Spring

Monday was a pretty big day down here in Arizona. So big in fact that I'm lifting the freeze for "He who shall not be named"!

First off we headed down to Maryvale to see the Brewers and Mariners in action. Don't worry no bomb threats this year. The only thing imploding here was the Mariners bullpen. For what feels like the umpteenth time the last 2 years Lindbergh's own David Riske did not pitch. That brings the total times we've seen him in spring training to 1 inning in 3 years and give or take 10 games. Not all was lost as I did see him as he stretched with the team prior to the game. Also not in attendance Bob Eucker. That severly cut down my Mr. Belvedere jokes. The most entertaining part of the game was "Hwsnbn" route to the ball park. His gps got him not only lost but told him to take back to back u-turns. Yeah, try and wrap your head around that one!

After the Mariners game Paul, Dan, and I decided to take advantage of our last chance to see the Coyotes in action. We asked "hwsnbn" if he would like to join us but he declined. That was an awful decision on his part but more on that in a moment. This blog is first and foremost about me so let's get back on track.

This was our fourth Coyotes game and Dan was openly rooting for a shootout. I wouldn't have minded but I wouldn't say I was openly rooting for it. Once again the Coyotes disappointed us. Just kidding. They won on a power play goal in overtime 6-5. So Close!!

This is a picture of the actual overtime goal. As you can tell the people behind the goal were riveted... to their seats! Who says hockey can't work in Arizona?! On a good note, Shane Doan had a goal and an assist while Ed Jovanovksi chipped in an assist. Coyote fans might want me to start this blog in October next year seeing how the team has played since I started following them closely.

After the game we headed over to Saddleback Ranch for some post game celebratory beers. Again I couldn't convince Dan or Paul to ride the mechanical bull. Of course after the first display we saw on the bull I don't blame them. There was no following that, so we settled on drinking beers. Unfortunately we might have slightly overdone it. I know hard to believe. At least we didn't end up like this guy.

Yes, that is my college hero Ryan Leaf being led out of Montana bar. I have yet to stoop that low. Good to see he is still enjoying life though!

So Vocht decided to stay home and miss the fun of hockey which turned out to be a terrible decision*. During the 2nd intermission Dan got a text from him saying there had been a minor accident at the condo.

Doesn't look minor to me Vocht! He claims he was innocently typing at the dining room table when the table collapsed under the weight of a beta deck, monitor, and 2 laptops. Believe him if want. He then went to Walgreens to pick up some bandages for his seeping wounds and the clerk asked him "who was shot?". That's how good our neighborhood is!

Today we make our first ever journey to Goodyear to see the Indians. First impressions say it might be the best ballpark in the cactus league.

Now if they could just get rid of those pesky people from Cleveland!** Back to work, I'm a little behind today. Some would say I'm not prepared to work.

* Skipping any hockey game is a terrible decision in my opinion.

** Just kidding Todd!

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