Monday, March 30, 2009

The Final Countdown

4 days to go and I've got to say I'm ready to be done. Sure the weather is nice but the overall toll spring training takes on my body takes a good 11 months to recover from.

Sadly there isn't a whole lot to update from the days I missed blogging. After hitting it hard Thursday night (maybe too hard) no one was really that motivated to do much Friday night. So we went out for the tourney games but I was about done before the Zags game even started. Apparently I wasn't the only one sleepwalking through the game as the Zags played just as crappy as I felt.

Saturday I got a visit from my brother and his wife. After a big breakfast we headed to Phoenix and the red-clad Tempe Diablo Stadium home of the Angels. The Mariners pitchers decided not to make the journey as they got spanked, which would be a theme for the weekend. Can't complain about the weather though as it was a beautiful day to watch a game that took 2 and a half hours to play 4 innings. In a move strange for spring training afterwards we went to the botanical gardens in Papago park. Yeah, plants and some glass fixtures. That was fun...

Speaking of not fun, my brother wanted to see the Guilty Skirt. Talk about bad times. Not only did it take 15 minutes to get served, but it was pretty lame. I hate to say it but I may be done with the Kilt. Strange that it works out we only have a couple days left down here.

Sunday brought the return of "The Iginitor" to Peoria Stadium. In true ignition fashion he made 2 outs in the same inning as the Royals batted around. Needless to say hopes are high for '09 Mariners as the pitching staff really seems to have it dialed in.

Today is old home day as we're in Renton south (Maryvale) and I've already seen David Riske. Guess I ought to work.

God I wish I was going to Disneyland.

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PandA said...

C'mon now, you had fun looking at the cactii and glass. :) Well, at the very least you had fun with your brother! ~A