Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Call

Today started off with some terrible news as Chris Shelton has been sent down to minor league camp. How can I possibly be expected to work when Shelly is no longer here? I thought this team was trying to win!

We'll just have to try and power through the last couple days down here. I'm sure we can somehow manage but it will be difficult.

Luckily Vocht brought a smile to my face minutes later when he got hit by baseball outside the practice field. That guy is priceless!

Yesterday we got our first glimpse at Goodyear and what a facility it is. An informal straw poll taken in our press box says it is our favorite stadium on the circuit.

After another grueling day toiling in the Arizona sun we headed to Thunderbird for our last hike there. I powered through the big loop in a shade over an hour (1:04) which was about 10 minutes better than my previous best. Who knew you could get in shape by actually going out and doing stuff? Weird.

Having done our daily exercise we decided to reward ourselves with a final trip to the Guilty Skirt. I know I said I was done with yesterday, but it's been such a big part of our lives since we've been down here that we felt obligated to at eat there one last time and say goodbye. Of course as things often work out our favorite waitress wasn't even working last night so the plan pretty much fell flat.

Dan and I decided that if we were going to say goodbye to the Skirt we owed it to ourselves to also say goodnight Moon.* So we ventured across the parking lot to the Moon and guess what happened? Again our favorite waitresses weren't working, so apparently Tuesday night is not Friday night in Peoria.

One last day to savor the sights and sounds of spring training. Can we just skip the game and get to enjoying our last night out? That's definitely what I'm looking forward to the most.

Stupid work getting in the way.

* Ha, I crack me up.

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